3d Virtual Tours Somaliland Rock Art: Laas Geel, DHAGAH Kure & DHAGAH NABI GALAY

Laas Geel

Laas Geel consists of about twenty rock shelters of varying size featuring polychromatic painted panels with over 300 figurines.

At 5,000 years old, Laas Geel is considered to be the oldest known rock art in the Horn of Africa, the paintings depict animals, including cows and dogs.

The scenes depict human figures and animals painted in bright reds, whites, yellows and sometimes black. In many cases the human figures are shown with arms outstretched in postures that demonstrate reverence and perhaps even worship which may indicate the important status ascribed to cattle in this pastoral culture.

Training young people in digital technology

Mohamed Abdi explains how useful this training has been for his understanding of his own heritage.

Young Local Heritage Leaders

Dhagah nabi Galay

Dhagah Kure

Drone footage of the Laas Geel Landscape

Rock Art Gallery